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23 Feb HB0559

Please take a moment to partake in the HB 559 MARLS Survey Monkey if you have not done so already. (Please highlight the above link and right click "go to To read the bill click below: HB0559    ...

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08 Feb MARLS Legislative survey – 2-9-19

Dear MARLS members - We need your participation on 2019 legislation immediately: For referral to taking the MARLS legislative survey. SB0198 HB0124 There is a scheduled hearing for HB0124 (see below) on the 13th so PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND CLICK ON THE WEBLINK and take the survey on the 2 bills below IMMEDIATELY TO HELP OUR MARLS  LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE TO PREPARE FOR THE HEARING ON MONDAY. Thank you. Below is what is on the weblink survey for you to please respond by clicking the link above. SB198: "AN ACT GENERALLY REVISING SUBDIVISION LAWS; PROVIDING CRITERIA TO DETERMINE LEGAL ACCESS TO PARCELS EXEMPT FROM SUBDIVISION REVIEWS; AND AMENDING SECTION 76-3-504." MARLS should support MARLS should oppose MARLS should take no action   HB0124: "AN ACT GENERALLY REVISING PROVISIONS CONCERNING AGRICULTURAL COVENANTS UNDER THE SUBDIVISION AND PLATTING ACT; CLARIFYING THAT A CHANGE IN USE SUBJECTS CERTAIN EXEMPTIONS TO SUBDIVISION REVIEW; ALLOWING A GOVERNING BODY TO REVOKE CERTAIN EXEMPTIONS IF THERE IS A CHANGE IN USE; PROVIDING EXCEPTIONS; AND AMENDING SECTION 76-3-207, MCA." MARLS should support MARLS should oppose MARLS should take no action  Legislative Committee Report 20190201 Dan Stahly, P.L.S. MARLS LEGISLATIVE CHAIR...

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07 Feb Legislation – Rescheduled/Changed Hearing

**** RESCHEDULED/CHANGED HEARING **** BILL NO: HB124 SPONSOR: Forrest Mandeville SHORT TITLE: Authorize county commissioners to lift agricultural covenants -limited situation COMMITTEE: Senate Local Government DATE: February 13, 2019 ROOM: 405 TIME: 3:00 PM NOTE: Hearings are subject to change. To view the Hearing Schedule on line select the following Link.$BLAC.QueryView?P_BILL_DFT_NO=LC1079&P_BLAC_APPL_SEQ=29&p_sess=20191...

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