05 Dec 2020 MT Subdivision Laws and Rules book for sale

2020 MT Subdivision and Surveying Laws and Rules for sale

NEW 2020 2nd EDITION Montana’s Subdivision and Surveying Laws and Regulations for sale

Montana Subdivision and Platting Act
Uniform Standards
Uniform Standards for Certificates of Survey
Uniform Standards for Plats
Uniform Standards for Monumentation
Montana Sanitations in Subdivisions Act
Sanitation Rules
Corner Recordation Act
Principles, Definitions & Activities
General Principles
Geomatics Definitions
Activities Included in the Practice of Land Surveying
Activities Excluded in the Practice of Land Surveying
Montana Land Surveyors Right of Entry

Please note: All PLS active members of MARLS will be receiving a complimentary copy from MARLS of the 2020 MSSLR 2nd Edition book in the mail. If you want another copy please order per below.

To order a MSSLR 2020 Book – 2nd Edition:
Please submit $40 per copy plus $5 S&H with your order:
MARLS, PO Box 359, Columbia Falls, MT 59912

Phone order to: 406-253-5527 (Kay McDonald)

Email order to MARLS at kay@marls.com

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