24 Mar SB165

This bill would get rid of the Montana Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, along with several others.  Says that we will take a national test to be licensed.



Please OPPOSE this bill, particularly if you live in Missoula SD 50.

UPDATE 3/29/17:

The Senate Business and Labor Committee heard SB365.  Committee members were able to hear very professional and competent testimony in regards to state licensure of engineers and land surveyors.  In the end, there was not a doubt in the room, that the state licensing board is necessary and functioning as intended to serve the people of Montana

Of note, was that the real estate agents and brokers were seemingly OK with elimination of their board.

The committee took executive action on the bill and removed the BPEPLS from the bill, as well as two other boards.  The amended bill, pertaining only to the Board of Realty Regulation was passed 6-4 and will move to the full House for a vote.



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